Hear From Our Founders

Joey Levy
Co-Founder and CEO

"Roger is one of my favorite investors. Once he’s in, he’s really in — he gets actively engaged with the company and is consistently offering ideas and critical feedback that helps us identify problems and opportunities that help inform how I push the business forward. He has also done an exceptional job of helping me think through not just operational & technical execution, but how I should think about my own business and articulate what we are building externally, which can sometimes be challenging when you’re so in the weeds as an operator. When founders ask me who they should consider raising capital from, Roger is one of the first folks I recommend. If you have the opportunity to get him on your cap table, do it."

Kyle Downey
Co-founder and CEO

"Eberg Capital invested in Cloudwall's seed round in Spring 2022. Every pitch is a starting point only: it will evolve as the company grows, and so you need someone willing to work with you on that process, to both trust in the team's potential and challenge your ideas. Eberg Capital has been a great partner, offering insights from Roger's years as a VC and prior deep experience in finance on a range of issues, and has generously offered time when required, and stepped back and let us build when it wasn't. I would work with them again in a heartbeat."

Brian Doxtator
Co-Founder and CEO

"The Eberg team has been a huge asset during the early stages of our company. They have taken the time to understand our business while providing both strategic and operational insights.  It is a pleasure to work with the whole team and I am glad to have them in our corner.”

Mike Fraietta
Co-Founder and CEO

“Eberg Capital has been a critical partner for EmpireDAO from the very early stages and continues to be a growing company and movement. As a founder, I find mental health expertise through Roger's varied experiences as an operator and an investor. His wealth of knowledge runs deep, and he has sound, memorable advice for any difficulty I may face and bring to our 1:1s. The diversity in expertise from Andrew and Ethan, particularly around our focus on Web3, culture, and social technology, proves consistently valuable as we grow in a rapidly moving dynamic environment. I can't say enough about Eberg's commitment to sharing financial expertise, deal-making, and risk-management knowledge while remaining incredibly ethical and family-oriented. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be in a true partnership with Eberg Capital.”

Matt Smolin
Co-Founder and CEO

"Roger and the Eberg team have been one of the most helpful investors on our cap table. As an early founder, having Roger on our side has been invaluable. His experience partnering with companies over the years, seeing what works and doesn't, has significantly helped speed up our go-to-market and lean in on areas of high conviction. Above all, he genuinely cares about Hang and our team, always making time for us and checking in as if we are part of the Ehrenberg family. I look forward to continuing to partner with him and his sons for years to come."

Alex McFarlane
Founder and CEO

"Working with Eberg Capital has been fantastic. I came across Eberg originally from Andrew, who great energy and enthusiasm for new startup projects. Andrew has ears on the street and is very dialed into the web3 ecosystem. Twinned with Roger’s deep startup experience from Wise and other neobanks has proven to be invaluable. I am a first time founder and having experienced partners at the early stage has avoided several missteps. I cannot understate how helpful our relationship has been with Eberg Capital."

Rob Petrozzo
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

"The Ehrenberg boys are each unique in their thought process, but when it’s time to solve a problem, they come together like a modern technology-enabled Voltron to attack a solution. Having conversations with them about our product feel more like creative hackathons than meetings, and our business has measurably benefited as a result."

Jason Trost
Founder and CEO

“I've met lots of investors and almost all want to be helpful but very few are or can be. Roger is one of the rare investors who is enthusiastic about mentoring founders through the good and the bad. He's got great energy coupled with years of experience that makes him a valuable partner to have onboard."

Zach Doctor
Co-Founder and CEO

"Working with Roger, Ethan, and Andrew has put WagerWire on a fast-track trajectory for growth. From day one, the Eberg Capital team has been hands-on, deeply insightful, and brings strategic clarity and vision. They have seamlessly integrated into our workflow putting us in the best position to achieve our goals. If you’re setting out to disrupt an industry, we would highly advise you to partner with someone who has done it before. Roger truly has the midas touch. A lot of people talk about the moon, but Roger has been there and back again. Ethan and Andrew are equally impressive. They are blindingly brilliant and hyper-tapped in. Simply put, the Ebergs are the ones you want on your team. We at WagerWire are looking forward to our continued partnership with Eberg Capital for many years to come."

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